Pana+Care’s story

Mid 2020, I was watching the news and hearing the numbers of covid positive cases rise by the day. I kept seeing the same problem arise from several and different places; hospitals were desperate to help their patients but as much as they tried they didn’t have the resources to help everyone; yet didn’t want to admit that was going to bring a toll on the death rate and life expectancy.

Doctors were striking and shouting in the streets for a raise in salaries knowing the risk they put themselves into while attending to covid positive patients, they wanted their voices heard. At that moment I had an epiphany ; if the pandemic is making it difficult for people to access health care services , what about those losing jobs and unable to receive proper treatment?. Why not create a platform for those who need healthcare in the most convenient way regardless of their situation and for service providers to earn more?

Pana+Care began because I saw a gap in the healthcare market. There wasn’t a telehealth platform fully addressing the healthcare needs of the middle to lower income families in the community through a USSD Application.

The first thing I did was research. I knew the product I had in mind was not better than what was out there. I simply sold the dream and vision I had and convinced others to jump on the journey. Dream Big and follow your dream every single day until you are living the dream every day.

-Beverly Senda

Why do we exist?
We exist to create a difference. We exist to serve and we exist to bridge the healthcare gap in Kenya.

Healthcare is a basic human right and it is every Kenyans right to be able to access it wherever, whenever. Pana+Care, exists to serve the millions of Kenyans who have struggled to access medical healthcare especially during this pandemic.

Going to the hospital has been thought of as dangerous. Mothers cannot carry their children around to the hospital due to the fear of the pandemic. The older age groups who are more vulnerable to the pandemic are part of the high risk bracket. People with disabilities who have been constantly left out of the healthcare conversation, have an even harder time. That’s why we exist to make sure that everyone, and we mean everyone who needs a Pana+Care service gets it. You can now access your doctor right from the comfort of your home.

Why Pana+Care?
Let’s offer you some perspective; less hassle, lower costs and better health. Our goal is to ensure that every Kenyan has access to healthcare. We envision a future whereby doctors are easily accessible at the dial of a few buttons.We will make available a simple and secure electronic process for you and your loved ones. Your electronic health records will be compiled and standardized in our systems and we will do this by using the best security measures to protect your data.

PanaCare also offers health providers the option of extending the traditional practice of medicine outside the walls of a brick and mortar practice. PanaCare is providing you the opportunity to transform your health and wellness experience by being greatly involved in your decision making. The doctor, nurses, clinical officers and other specialists show up for you and at your convenience.

Ashwag Alsayed

What is the future of PanaCare? What future do we want to create for patients?
Today’s telehealth is bigger than ever, Pana+Care aims to penetrate the field of health & tech and improve the declining healthcare situation prevalent in East Africa. Currently, Pana+Care is starting off with the USSD technology to assist everyone become more digitised in healthcare, with time we shall evolve to something greater and have everyone on an AI based healthcare system. Progress is taken a step at a time and innovation shall proceed to empower the minds at Pana+Care to help grow the product to greater levels.
We want the best for our patients, to provide exemplary healthcare services while attending to their needs. Currently we are working on providing services that can be affordable and accessible by all. With progress we shall work on giving each patient the option of using micro insurance as a payment method and having family packages so that one can pay a one time fee for their family over a period of time. Our main priority is our patients, we are working with the best doctors to give them a seamless healthcare experience. Pana+Care expands its care to all.

-Beverly Senda