About Pana+Care


Why do we exist?

Pana+Care’s purpose is to help bridge the healthcare gap in Kenya by spearheading digital inclusive technology to meet the healthcare needs of most Kenyans. We are passionate about a remote care and diagnosis so you never have to worry about your health.

What future do we want to create?

Our vision as Pana+Care is to see 5,000,000 people of all backgrounds included in sustainable healthcare services by 2027.

What are we here to do?

It is our mission to offer comprehensive healthcare solutions via telemedicine. We are here to offer personalized medical access to more people. We are focused on being a solution provider to your healthcare needs by providing a quality service and using the best experts in the medical field.

Meet Our Team

Our administration and support staff all have exceptional people
skills and trained to assist you with all medical enquiries.
Senda's photo

Beverly Senda


A Mustafa

Mustafa Akasha


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Ashwag Alsayed

Social Media Manager


What we stand for

Pana+Care believes in teamwork to realize all our goals. We have a dedicated team who both work on the technology and the promotion of the technology. We focus on team accountability while working together to deliver best results and grow together.
The following core values represent what we stand for and what we will be recognized and rewarded for displaying, we urge Pana (stretch/ expand in swahili) our services across the country.

P - Patient Focused

A - Arise in the healthcare sector

N - Need for Urgency

A - Adaptability