Emergency Cases

Please feel free to contact our friendly reception staff with any general or medical enquiry.
We are here to help. These are some of the most frequent questions we receive.
You can access Pana+Care services either through; USSD application, mobile application or web portal
We offer general medicine consultation, natal and antenatal services and medicine and drug delivery . We have a team that includes doctors, nurses, medical officers and pharmacists to cater for the above medical needs.
We charge as low as 500 KES for a consultation depending on the platform you use.
You can pay for Pana+Care services through M-pesa via company till number.
Yes you do, on the USSD platform you will only need to register using your names and ID, while on the web platform more information shall be needed.
Kindly use the following link to directly access the patients portal:
To register as a patient, sign up for an account on either of our platforms and you will get access to the services you need.
If you are disconnected during a session on mobile, go back, and click on the APP menu and select ‘APPOINTMENTS’. On ‘UPCOMING APPOINTMENTS’, you will find a ‘PENDING APPOINTMENT’. Kindly click on ‘Start Now’ and you will be connected to the same doctor.
Pana+Care does not deal with immediate emergencies. We advise you to visit a hospital for emergencies.
All your information is encrypted and patient sessions are anonymous (we don’t know who you are). We comply with all privacy and data protection laws in Kenya
To register as a doctor, you need to scan and send your original documents to the portal when registering through this link :https:// .Attach your certificates, Personal indemnity, copies of your identification documents, current practicing license and certificate of registration.
Yes you can get non-prescribed medicine from Pana+Care e.g. supplements. However, for prescribed medicine you must have a prescription.